Recruitment Policy


As Akfen REIT, we develop Human Resources Strategies in a manner to support the vision and mission of the Akfen REIT. Our basic approach is to create opportunities for improving achievements and efficiency of our employees in their tasks as well as assisting them to shape the future of their professional career according to their expectations.

Following a human oriented management approach, our Company directs career plans of the employees with the internal and external training opportunities provided considering their personal development levels, individual characteristics and their perseverance for promotion to higher positions in the company.

The Company prioritizes human resources of the Holding for meeting the requirements.

Running a career management approach based on impartiality and principle of equal opportunities, the basic objective of the company is to maximize performance and motivations of the individuals on one hand and to ensure realization of long term objectives of the company on the other hand.

Our workforce profile reflects human resources that are open to the change and development, dedicated to tasks undertaken, having faith in team work and spirit, equipped with morale values and social responsibility.